TPF Coin is an open source, peer-to-peer, community driven decentralized cryptocurrency , announces its release of TPFcoin using advanced blockchain technology and empowered by X11 algorithms

The technology related to The TPF Coin is as follows:
Coin Name: TPF Holding Coin, Algorithm: X11, Ticker: TPF
Type: PoS/Masternode.
Masternode Reward: 10,000.
Block Size: 3 MB, Max Supply: 100,000,000
Premined: 10% (10,000,000 Premine Total).
Block Reward : 20 coin/ block (POW : 1 Coin/block. Masternode : 19 coins/block) , 1,500 block/ day.

TPF Product

TPF Masternode

"The Masternode is the core requirement for establishing and maintaining the successful operation of a coin. A TPF Masternode requires 5000 TPFs for setup. The TPF Products setup costs will be financed with pre-mined TPF coins (30%) and a presale of Masternodes.

The Solution: TPF Service Offerings

"The TPF Coin (TPF) is a response to the current challenges faced by the crypto community and the TPF customer personal. The TPF provides ownership of TPF Masternodes as their product. TPF service offerings are tailored to address the current problem in the cryptocurrency domain.


The FPT blockchain is completely decentralized. There is no central point of attack, making the network significantly more secure. Every transaction will be recorded on the FPT blockchain, providing full transparency and visibility to the community.


Easily add and switch between multiple wallets to manage your wealth any way you like.
Import/ Export Private Keys: Unrestricted access to all your private keys for full control over crypto funds.
Export Activity Transaction: View and export specific transaction history. Filtered by date and coin types.

TPF Eco-System

Consists of five core elements: TPF Coin Masternodes, P2P fiat Exchange, Fiat App Mobile, Tablecoin TPF Token, and TPF merchant Commerce.
The TPC coin will allow users to exchange to Fiat and e-co system peer to peer exchane fiat between to TPFCoin, Fiat ,Local Money . Users will use the Fiat App Mobile to shop online and pay with TPF .

The app wallet will be available on iOS, Android. It will be easy to use the same wallet or accounts across multiple devices.